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Mesa Cosa are a freak-out rock n roll ya-ya gang from everywhere between Mexico City and Melbourne, that play an aggresive blend of noisy punk, garage rock and Mexican folk tunes. Led by a diminutive chilango from Mexico City, singing in both Spanish and English, Mesa Cosa mix their un-dying love of occult celebrations and dark symbols with their un-ashamed love for garage music and experimental noise. 

Mesa Cosa (only) play fun, energetic shows filled with dancing, mayhem, things breaking, people falling down, amp failing and tambourince sacrifices to the party gods.

Mesa Cosa are influenced by God, the Devil, DMT & The B52's. 

"Imagine if The Birthday Party and the Dead Kennedys had a baby together. Mesa Cosa, specialising in highly impactful and in your face garage rock, featuring guitar torture and screaming vocals of the highest order, would be the result. This is a party band to be reckoned with" TONEDEAF

"Trashy party anthems at their finest. Don't think, just move." BEAT

"Pure, energetic, punk, mayhem...something everyone should witness" THE MUSIC

"It's tight. It's loud. It's diabolical in the best way" FASTERLOUDER.COM.AU

"Mesa Cosa... give you the feeling they're the greatest sloppy fun time band in the world at the moment" K.G ALVAREZ

"Mexican-influenced garage fuzz a mix of whacked out 60s satanism and punkish garage-rock, there's almost something evil going on underneath it all." DUDEROCKET.COM

"Every thousand years or so, the Devil throws a party, as you well know, I'm never invited. But I hear this time around Mesa Cosa played...and...they...destroyed EVERYTHING! Then, everybody got laid" GOD


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