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[^] $ the rhapsody manifesto > an agreement between the ocean grove artistic collective & the not so odd world....

trt-94...if you’re consuming our art with any pre-conceived notions or expectations of how it should be presented then you will find yourself extremely disappointed;
we would rather fade into obscurity and die out than live prosperously in a pigeonhole of mediocrity
functionmain( ) {

C:╲seek the ☞ antithesis
<in any art form we engage with, there is need for inventive thinking that goes against uninspired standards>
<we grew up on music that bred fun and passion, perhaps that notion has been lost along the way?>

<in the art form, in performance, in personality?>
<we’re completely assured of our shortcomings, but it’s about knowing your strengths and weaknesses and working on them accordingly>
<we’re not going to buy your respect; we’re going to earn it>

<show weaknesses and flaws>
<in all that we do we endeavour to not put up some facade>
<punch me in the throat>
<it is all too common seeing people not being true to themselves or their art form
merely to be perceived favourably>
<too many people fear the judgment of others, which holds them back in their creative boundaries>
<why is everyone trying so hard not to fuck up?>
<humans are inherently flawed, so why communicate an artificially manufactured perfection?>

<we want an og show to be an experience like no other, beyond the music>
<an all-accepting culture and outlet one can immerse themselves in>
<moshing and violence is officially done as far as we are concerned>
<be proud of where you are from, who you are, what makes you dissimilar>
<we suggest climbing on someone’s head>
<come out to a show and live your life, you’re not going to remember the nights spent wasted away staring at a bunch of different coloured pixels on a screen>
<don’t dress to fit in, there is no formula, don’t be afraid to stick your neck out>
<that top looks shit = I must have it>
<let it all go>
<let us come to a secret understanding [collude]>

<play every show you can and play it hard>
<never turn down a show for the fuck of it>
<never play just for the paper>
<never position yourself beyond the music>
<never put yourself above the people even if they are pushing to build you up>
<bring each other up this isn’t a competition>
<not just to tear me down>
<don’t take shit from anyone, don’t forfeit your morals for any fuck head>
<if its morally reprehensible you need to let your voice be heard>
<suck on that kick stick before you get too fucked up and misplace it>


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